What Has Changed?

I’ve had the honor of taking the WSC 110 course at Hofstra University. One blog, two titles, four revisions, and several late assignments later, I’m preparing for the mandatory Writing Proficiency exam. But what have I gotten out of all of this? How has my view of writing changed?

While the class itself did not change my mind in any great ways, it helped me take more pride and confidence in practicing uncouth writing techniques, even if just for drafts. I jot for screenplays, create screenplays for fantasy novels, and shorten my paragraphs for non-fiction.

The writing process is not a “5-7 sentence paragraphs, thesis, body, conclusion,” nor should it be.

Writing began as a means to use symbols to convey ideas. It still is. Rigidity should be eliminated, for a template can cause the loss of ideas in translation. While a format should sometimes be used, it should by no means be a rule, especially when first formulating one’s ideas.

My view of the writing process has been eased. I take great comfort and pride, now, when breaking away from traditional regulations.

I thank you for your time.


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