Annotation Studio

Having access to an online source of annotation is very helpful. It’s a good means of expressing and communicating ideas and interpretations about a text at all hours throughout a day at the convenience of all involved, even from different places.

While I recognize the value of having Annotation Studio available, I can not say that I find it superior or even more engaging than doing the same tasks face-to-face.

Recently, my WSC 110 class and I used Annotation Studio to analyze Steven Harvey’s “The Art of Self.” While arguments, debates, and conversations did ensue, I felt as though it was a rarity. Indeed, an overly-complicated interface and the privilege of leisure meant most comments being left in isolated bubbles, even when analyzing the same piece of text.

Additionally, Harvey’s essay does not completely lend itself to finite interpretation. While individual concepts could be speculated deeply on, most reading the piece came to similar conclusions quickly. This sort of consensus meant that fewer interactions took place, as thinking of a reason to further investigate the piece was less enticing than it would be on a more divisive work.

Overall, I feel as though Annotation Studio is a good tool that could work well when properly utilized. However, this assignment was perhaps not the best way to encourage the greatest potentials of the programs.

Harvey, Steven. “The Art of Self.” Annotation Studio, 1 May 2017,


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