Renaming my Blog

Originally, I was “A Certain Dilemma.” I still am. It’s a pun on my name, and how I feel perceived as an outsider. For those who have been following my college writings, the “outsider” mention comes to no surprise. In my first essay, I describe myself as an outcast of my high school. In my second, someone who would rather focus on the natural aspects of stone and rot, compared to the more popular choices of foliage. In my third, someone whose upstate home is seen as inferior due to unfavorable weather and a rural setting. In the post preceding this, I briefly touch upon the connotation the term “storyteller” has with written word, though I much prefer the visual aspects. Indeed, an outsider has traditionally been seen as a dilemma to the masses.

I’ve decided to run with the theme of status quo subversion with my new title. For context, I would first like to express my admiration for the band DEVO. Truly they were pioneers of the new wave sound that is now associated with the 80s. DEVO was most notable for their surrealist, absurdist, and avant garde productions. To me, this is most present in both the video and lyrics for their 1977 single, Jocko Homo.

The song’s lyrical content is, to be expected, confusing. It comprises of themes involving intelligent design, evolution, and devolution, then uses these themes to satirize society. The sound itself is unique and matches with the sometimes-contradictory lyrics. I personally can not think of a better way to subtly emphasize my outsider status.

With that I ask: Are we not men?


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