Teacher Man Response

In the excerpt read, Frank McCourt explains his decision to teach a creative writing unit on food recipes, why he chose to do so, and the ensuing stories and personalities he discovers.  McCourt instructs the students to bring in a cookbook. At first, it was hard to convince the students of the importance of this, in particular a student named Brian, but over time they begin to find a comfort in this project. They bring in foods from their home, create songs with the recipes, and share their heritage over the course of this unit. This causes the class to bond with one another and discover a meaning to the recipes bring in, as sometimes the music does not match what some feel the recipe represents.

The excerpt I’ve read demonstrates the importance of food that is often neglected in everyday life and throughout many cultures. It also shows the passing down of recipes as a legitimate medium of writing. Keeping this passage in mind when writing my essay, I will explore the ways food has influenced my upbringing and how sharing it has influenced my relationships with others.


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