Exercise 5


If a server gave their customer a plate of raw meat, there would generally be legal action. Generally, because the dish carpaccio is an exception to this rule. Carpaccio is an Italian delicacy that entices the mind with its unique premise: a plate of thinly sliced, uncooked beef. While this may sound, frankly, disgusting, tastebuds will equally rise in interest with the addition of five ingredients. Lemon gives a just enough of a citrus note to the meat to make lips lightly pucker, only to be balanced with the earthy flavors of olive oil, white truffle, and Parmesan. Adorning the top of this light, refreshing creation is arugula.

While this is the traditional way to serve carpaccio (which itself is inspired by a traditional Piedmontese dish known as carne cruda), a premise as simple as raw meat can be adapted to local or contemporary tastes. In Slovenia, the dish is served on crisp French bread, and modern restaurants often make their carpaccio with non-beef meats, vinegar, salt, and pepper. Despite this, the result is the same: a pleasantly tart hors d’oeuvre with complimenting herbal and natural garnishes.


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