Exercise 2


For me, food very much has a persona. In fact, the very public face of food is like that of celebrities. Popular, marketable, and well-known to the masses. There’s a food for every demographic. Meat is often invoked to appeal to the masculine senses, much like how Bruce Willis might, whereas fruits are more likely to be pictured alongside Celine Dion. The sight of a juicy burger topped with crispy lettuce and bright red tomatoes will make mouths water in much the way an attractive model might. Some are famous for their performances in our bodies. A banana does a fantastic job of delivering potassium to athletes, reducing cramps when running. Food can be infamous, too. With the advent of the internet, people are being introduced to hákarl, an Icelandic dish made with ammonia-rich, fermented shark. One can also imagine the persona of sodas to be like that of corrupt politicians: they maintain a good outward appearance, but cause serious damage behind closed doors.

On the other hand, the private face of food is rather reflective. Though food may have an idealistic public persona, looking at food during a meal is the same as looking into a mirror. A plate can reveal the personality of the diner–vibrant and colorful, soft and sweet, tough but satisfying. The preparer of the food can also see their effort and attitude in their creations. After a rough breakup, a college student might quell his stomach with synthetic mac and cheese. In turn, a happy mother might put a whipped-cream smile on her children’s pancakes. A sushi chef might even subconsciously pack the rice tighter for their favorite customer. Each piece of food is a creation, and each creation has a piece of its maker.


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